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Thasos or Thassos (Greek: Θάσος) is a Greek island in the northern Aegean Sea, close to the coast of Thrace and the plain of the river Nestos but geographically part of Macedonia. It is the northernmost Greek island, and 12th largest by area. Thasos is also the name of the largest town of the island (also known as Limenas Thasou, “Harbour of Thasos”), situated at the northern side, opposite the mainland and about 10 kilometres (6 mi) from Keramoti.

Thasos is a separate regional unit of the East Macedonia and Thrace region, and the only municipality of the regional unit.[12] As a part of the 2011 Kallikratis government reform, the regional unit Thasos was created out of part of the former Kavala Prefecture. The municipality, unchanged at the Kallikratis reform, includes a few uninhabited islets besides the main island Thasos. The province of Thasos (Greek: Επαρχία Θάσου) was one of the provinces of the Kavala Prefecture. It had the same territory as the present municipality.[13] It was abolished in 2006.

Thasos island is located in the northern Aegean sea approximately 7 km (4 mi) from the northern mainland and 20 kilometres (12 miles) south-east of Kavala, and is of generally rounded shape, without deep bays or significant peninsulas. The terrain is mountainous but not particularly rugged, rising gradually from coast to centre. The highest peak is Ypsario (Ipsario), at 1,205 metres (3,953 feet), somewhat east of centre. Pine forest covers much of the island’s eastern slopes. Historically, the island’s population was chiefly engaged in agriculture and stockbreeding, and established villages inland, some of them connected via stairways (known as skalas) to harbors at the shore. The local population gradually migrated towards these shoreline settlements as tourism began to develop as an important source of income. Thus, there are several “paired villages” such as Marion–Skala Maries, with the former inland and the latter on the coast.

4 Great things to see when in Thassos

Thassos Town Museum of Archaeology

Paradise Beach

Mount Ipsarion


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Thassos Ferries is a Greek family business that has been operating maritime links for the alst forty years between the island of Thassos and the ports of Kavala and Keramoti. It can boast a highly successful record in the movement of passenger by ferry.

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Ferry prices

Tickets Limenas – Keramoti Prinos – Kavala
Full fare passenger 3.00€ 4.70€
Child’s fare (5-10years)-50% 1.50€ 2.40€
Private cars up to 4.25m 16.00€ 19.00€
Private cars over 4.25m 20.00€ 24.00€
Coaches – Caravans – Trailers 4.00€/m 5.00€/m
Bicycles 2.80€ 3.80€
Motorcycles up to 250cc 4.00€ 5.00€
Motorcycles over 250cc 5.00€ 7.00€
ATV’s 8.00€ 10.00€
Trucks – Farming machinery up to 5m 20.00€ 25.00€
Trucks – Farming machinery over 5m 5.00€/m 7.00€/m
Group 2.50€ 3.50€